Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Night leftovers

  • I mentioned before that Halloween was postponed due to the hurricane. It's from 4-8 and I realized that was right during dinner time. I was stressing about if I should offer some healthy food for the kids... did I want a bunch of people running in and out of my house? Did I want to deal with mess? Yesterday, I said 'fuck it' and turned it into a party. I basically invited every family on the street and in the kids class. I figure we'll trick or treat and then come back for a potluck.
  • Speaking of parties, I'm working on picking out the kids birthday party invites. At first I was going to just do the invites that the party place offered - but it was really geared towards one kid. And then I was going to do an evite, but I have family members that don't 'do' evites.
  • I've picked this one. I was thinking of a way to word it so it has that Maggie is turning 3 and Cam is turning four, but it sounded awkward - and the people I'm inviting know how old the kids are.... so I'm going to ask him to change it to be more unisex colors (orange and purple) and do this wording "Ahoy matey! Help us find the way to Captain Cameron and Princess Maggie's birthday!" And find a cute picture of the two of them.
  • I often wonder if I care more about the kids birthdays then they do. Possibly, but if I enjoy it, what does it matter?
  • I just got up to raid the kids Halloween candy. One one Snickers. How does that happen!? I feel guilty eating candy they like. Of course, they've already forgotten about it.
  • This morning, I met with my partner in crime for the church craft group. Next week we are holding an ornament workshop - and are making these three things. I think it'll be a blast.
  • Next weekend is my yearly girls weekend! It snuck up on me this year! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

You know why only one Snickers happens? It's a brown wrapper. I noticed that Lucky picked the most colorful candy packages when he had a choice - and he had a choice in most places we went. Consequently we have a lot of Reese's peanut butter cups and Skittles, no Snickers and only ONE Milky Way (which Lucky can't eat - nougat has egg white in it). *sigh*

Sounds like a fun Halloween! :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

A Halloween potluck will be so much fun! We normally do one but I skipped this year.