Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Weekend

Man, did I have a great weekend. My unexpected quilt project discovery made for a very calm weekend. In the past, at these weekends, I would dream of finishing some epic quilt project and sit at my machine and (still having fun) stress about finishing and sweating on a difficult pattern. This time, I spent my time finishing up little projects, doing a few fun ones I've been thinking about for a while, and playing with the fabric I bought in India. It was awesome.

The first thing I did, was to finish up these little wall hangings I started at last year's retreat:
Then, before I went to bed on the first night, finished a full quilt! This one was one of the ones I found all the cut pieces for. Simple quilt, and I usually have a lot of trouble with quilts like this that demand 'random' piecing. I found a solution to that problem. Mudslides!!!
I went to bed thinking about what I could make next. I was thinking of another quick quilt, and decided to work with my India fabric. My original plan was to make three little wall hangings, but I had a lot of trouble dealing with the fabric - it was really thin, and the pattern was on the bias and was just being difficult. I came up with this wall hanging for my house:

And then used the leftovers to make a lap quilt to give to Aaron's grandmother. She visited India the year before me, and will love this!
Sunday, I worked on silly little things that having been bugging me, sewing in zippers in finished sweaters, making freezer paper shirts that I promised long ago to friends and even trying my hand at sewing some cute fleece socks I've been wanting to try for years.

A wonderful weekend, great time catching up with girlfriends I now rarely see - and of course I'm now inspired to make EVERYONE handmade gifts. Reality will set in soon enough.

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