Thursday, November 1, 2012


This was really the first year that both kids are 'getting' Halloween. So they were both very excited to dress up (Maggie kept asking all day if it was time to be a Princess!?) and Cam couldn't wait to trick or treat. I'm really glad I decided to figure out a place to go last night, because they were super excited.

At school they had an early dinner of mac and cheese, and then a little parade. If you look below, the boy in the Ironman costume is Cam's very best friend. This is who I called and we figured out a great street to go nearby his house for trick or treating. The little tiger next to Maggie is her 'boyfriend'. We invited them last minute at school pick up, and it was fun to have our little group running around together.

 The first house we hit gave out full sized candy bars, and by the second, Maggie was opening her candy and eating it as she left the house. Here she is clutching her goods and telling me 'Mama! I have CANDY!'.
By the end of the night, she was holding my hand. She looks up at me and says - I love you Mama! I said, I love you too, baby. Then  she tells me, I love candy! I said, I know, sweetie. And she starts singing me a song 'I love you, I love candy, I love you, I love candy'. It was hilarious.

Cam and his best bud had a blast running from house to house and ringing doorbells. They understood that you needed to say trick or treat - but once they figured out that if you say trick or treat, you get candy, they would ring the door bell, and you would hear 'TRICK OR TREAT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! THANK YOU'. A very happy kid:
I let the kids eat as much candy as they wanted, and as I figured, they eat about 5 pieces each and were sick of it.

Now I'm really excited for Sunday - one last hurrah and we've got the same group plus a bunch more coming to trick or treat with us!

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