Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Most Annoying Day

This past weekend, we got nailed by a huge snowstorm. We got about 2 feet of snow, and it was great. We got all this snow, but never lost power and it was a light, fluffy snow, so wasn't a killer to remove (so long as you have the right gear, of course). Daycare closed on Friday, and every planned activity we had was canceled this weekend. So we hung out as a family, played in the snow (although Maggie didn't spend as much time in the snow - she kept telling everyone the snow was too high for her - which is true - it's almost as high as she is), and had a great time.

Monday, both Aaron and I had a lot of stuff to catch up on at work, and we happily headed off to work after dropping off the kids. At 11 AM, I got a call that daycare needs to evacuate because the snow on the roof was too heavy, and was causing structural issues with the building. Now, many would think OMG! I must run and save my children! And yes, that is what I thought the FIRST time this happened. But the exact same thing happened last year. I would have assumed, that once they were forced to shut down once, causing 70+ families to seek alternate childcare, they would have a plan in place for the next time it snowed a lot.

But no. So I called Aaron. We made a quick plan to take the kids with me to my eye doctor appointment (got some great new frames, btw), grab some Happy Meals, and head to the pool for a fun surprise swim in the middle of the week (which we obviously never get to do). I would play with the kids while Aaron did some laps, and then Aaron would take the kids home, while I got my workout in (all this because my normal masters swim team practice was canceled do to the school being closed). When we got there, we found out that the Acton Boxboro swim team was basically taking up the whole pool to make up their practice (which is the high school team that swims in same pool as my masters team). They were taking up all the lanes. So I had no place to workout. I almost joined them (I could have done the same workouts) but I decided not to.

But seriously!?!

At this point, I'm pretty annoyed. I get in my car, check my email.... the building inspector has asked that daycare stay closed Tuesday also.


In the end, we found out that Nancy, the kids very favorite teacher, was going to work for the day at the Waltham site, which is right near Aaron's office. So they went there this morning. And I just called, and both kids are very happy and having a great day. But yesterday I was pretty annoyed all day. And I find out that I've come to depend on my end of the day swim to get my frustrations out, and it really stinks when I can't.


Serenity said...

I was out of my mind this weekend because I hadn't gotten a chance to do a run on Saturday (and Friday's a rest day, I SHOULD have gone then, but I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks and I didn't want to risk injury).

Bad enough that Sunday morning, even though I had shoveled on Saturday, I had to breathe through breakfast with Lucky, and honestly, all he was doing was chattering at me.

It's really easy to underestimate the release exercise gives you.

I get it, for sure. And I hope you get a good workout in tonight.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I hate frustrating days like this.

Jellyfish said...

nice blog!!!