Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last week, I realized that a large portion of my day and brain space is taken up with tiny things. Not meaningless things, but tiny things. Things that don't seem like a big enough deal to write down on a list or my calendar to remember, but things that if I don't do, there will be a consequence. Here was the list:
  1. Return library books
  2. Decide what flavor to make Suzanne birthday cake (and frosting)
  3. Pick up cake mix and frosting.
  4. Get 'fancy' napkins for the kids Valentine's day party
  5. Remember to bring the kids valentines to school
  6. Remember the kids lunch (Aaron makes it in the morning, but at least once a month I'll forget it on the counter and need to turn around to get it)
  7. Sign up for the swim meet my team is in (deadline approaching)
  8. Sign up for the BJs deal/fundraiser my local mom's group in having (another deadline approaching)
  9. Return the helmet we borrowed for tubing
  10. Send a birthday card to my brother
  11. Check up on Aaron's uncle (he had a heart attack a few weeks ago and is home now)
  12. Get my car inspected
  13. Decide what kind of meal to drop off for my friend that just had a baby (the fact that she doesn't like vegetables makes it easier and harder at the same time)
  14. Get someone to watch the dog when we visit Mom
  15. Remember to wash the Red Sox sweatshirt I got mom that Henry decided to use as a pillow
  16. Grab the kids mittens out the dryer to bring to school. (they often come home soaking wet and need to be thrown in the dryer)
I'm sure that for all mom's the list can go on and on and on. But last week it just made me feel completely crazy. Sure, the whole world wouldn't collapse if I forget something on the list, but it usually will cost me money, or have disappointed kids.

I guess I could make lists.... but some things seem silly to write down, but they still take up brain space.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I have to write everything down. Literally everything or it doesn't get done.

Cece said...

Like for example, send Elizabeth baby legs. That's been in my brain for months now.

My uncle just told me to use Siri on my iPhone to set reminders. So I'm trying that.