Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  • I missed Friday leftovers, so I'm leftovering now
  • Our spa date on Friday was a huge success. Its fun to reconnect while sitting in a hot tub and awaiting massages.
  • So was the birthday party for Suzanne. The kids were SUPER excited to see her.
  •  Saturday was loaded with all the rescheduled stuff from last weekend. Plus a few play dates.
  • Sunday we drove up to visit my mom. Her birthday was Feb 5th, and I wanted to take her out to dinner. And Aaron had yet to see the cabin now that she's moved in full time. We had a great time. The kids LOVE playing there, mom loves seeing the kids, and we went out for an amazing dinner at the Old Inn on The Green.
  • The Old in on the Green is an amazing restaurant, along with great food, the whole place is heated with fireplaces and lit up with real candles in the chandeliers. I love dinner that is an 'event'.
  • We had a neighborhood friend watch Henry overnight (the cabin isn't really big enough for 2 big dogs, 2 kids and 3 adults). They are gluten free so I made her a banana bread with almond flour (which was AMAZING. I was nervous it would suck, but now think maybe all things should be made with almond flour!?!).
  • Which then made me realize that banana bread is currency in our neighborhood. I waited for my friend's son at the bus stop because she couldn't get home - she brought me a banana bread. A new family down the street had a baby - I bought her a banana bread. Aaron helped some friends with their snow blower - she gave us a banana bread. Someone watches our dog? My first thought was to bring a banana bread.
  • So I guess you are SOL on our street if you don't like banana bread. I love it, so it's all good for me!
  • This week is school vacation, which means we don't have swimming (my swim team practices at the high school, and if the high school is closed, the pool is closed). So I'm swimming by myself. And it's lonely. I definitely like swimming with a team better. But I'll go alone to keep up my fitness - I'm really happy at the level I'm at right now.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Yeah, I don't really like banana bread. Now, strawberry bread? Have you ever tried making that?