Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another DIY cycle, and update

I finally got the nurse to call me back from my REs office. It actually wasn't my 'normal' nurse, as mine is on vacation - and I really liked her better. I explained my problem. That I started my cycle on 6/29. The plan was to start me on Lupron on CD 21. That the doc submitted his protest to the insurance decision on 6/29. And that it would take 2 - 3 weeks to get an answer. And, that Dr. N wouldn't start me on Lupron unless we had been preventing. Therefore, at this point, we need to decide to prevent or not prevent.

Aaron is all for not preventing. We aren't going on the pill, since my cycles are so regular, so I'll let you all guess why he isn't a fan of our method of preventing. Men.

I'm on the fence. Do I want to wait another month, if, by some miracle, I get approved in 2 weeks and not 3? But, if I wait another month, it gives us another shot at conceiving on our own and avoiding the whole IVF thing.... and, it assures me that I can go with my future SIL on her bachlorette trip to Disney on Aug. 10th.

We talked about it over dinner, and we'll just start everything next month. I should get AF on the 27th, start lupron on the 17th... with an ER in Sept. If it all works, maybe I'll get a BFP for my birthday on Sept 18th!

For my weight loss and exercise goals, I have reached the weight that I need to be according to my doc minus 2 pounds (for a total of 15 pounds lost since April, 33 pounds lost since April of 2006!). I actually took last week off from yoga, as I went up to the cabin - and there isn't a store within a 40 minute drive, no matter a yoga studio! I did go for a bunch of walks, and ate well, so that was good. And, went to yoga last night for the first time in a week... ouch. Now that I have another month and a half before all this IVF stuff starts, I'm going to work on losing at least another 5 pounds. I've also pledged to walk 300 miles between now and Sept 30th. It sounds like a lot - but is totally doable if I continue walking every day at lunch.


chicklet said...

Good job on the weight loss, holy crap!

Amy R said...

Hi; I am new to your blog. Wanted to say that is a great job on getting into shape! I am starting Yoga tonight for the first time in several years; am very excited. I really hope it helps in the de-stress aspect of my life since I'm starting IVF next month. And it wouldn't hurt to lose a few extra pounds!

Geohde said...

COngrats on the weight loss, it's not an easy thing to do at all.

As for the prevent-not prevent thing, my husband is whining that I shouldn't take the Clomid this cycle so he doesn't feel under pressure to perform. I pointed out that I may as well ovulate, and if he can do his bit so much the better. If I don't ovulate, we can't conceive anyway. And this might be our last clomid cycle as it is.

I'm calling to make the IVF appt today.....urgh.

Samantha said...

Great work on the weight loss! I'm very happy for you. My DH isn't all that fond "protection" either, so I hope this is will the cycle that works for you.

ultimatejourney said...

Great job with the weight loss!

It sounds like it will work out well enough for you to have a DIY cycle -- the bachelorette trip sounds like fun.