Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK - after a pretty major meltdown yesterday afternoon, I'm OK. I really didn't even need the meltdown part. Truly, this insurance crap only puts me back another month or two - as I should be totally fine for approval to start this in Oct.

But my frustration level is just so high at this point! Plus, I had an extremely stressful week at work last week, and I have my period, so my hormones are all crazy.

Good times. I'm up early to go to yoga, and then I'm visiting my pal Amanda for a bit as she sells her wares at a Folk Festival.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Chris said...

It sounds as though you are feeling a little better about things, and for that I'm glad. I know you are impatient, and also frustrated from the delays, but try to maintain comfort in the fact that you DO have insurance coverage, and the delay really won't hurt your chances of success. Enjoy your weekend!

Geohde said...


Again, I am so sorry about the asshats who denitd your insurance. I'm still hoping that we'll be cycling at roughly the same time. Somehow.

There're a real danger that, left to my own biological incompetance, THIS cycle could last long enough to wait for you in Oct.