Friday, July 13, 2007


You know, I never really realized how your family status really dictates the vehicle you drive until we started planning to have a family. I think I've mentioned this before, but Aaron and I used to have motorcycles. I always said that the minute I got pregnant that I would sell mine. Which I did. And then I was no longer pregnant. And Aaron also ended up selling his.

Now we have 2 cars - a sedan type car and a New Beetle. The new beetle is my car, and I love it very much - I have the souped up version (turbo, sports suspension, 6 speed manual blah blah blah). It's a 2 door car. It is obviously the car that we would sell/trade in when we get the new, family car - but you know - I really thought we would be getting the family car when the family consisted of more than 4 legged children.

2 years ago, it didn't even seem like an issue to think about - my car was only 3 years old, no need for a new one, and hey - I would be pregnant soon. But, as we have been waiting longer and longer for me to get pregnant, the car is getting older. And we have finally come to that decision point in car ownership - the point where you either need to trade in for a new car, or admit that you are going to keep the car until you run it into the ground. Obviously, we won't be doing the later (well, I GUESS we could be, if I never get pregnant). But sooner or later, I will have a baby. And that baby will not want to be trapped in a car seat in the back seat with two slobbering dogs.

So - it is with mixed emotion that I have started looking for a new car. I had always pictured this day as one where I'd be all big and pregnant, with Aaron holding my hand as we look around at the 'family' vehicles.... checking the safety features and seeing that the car seat fit right. Instead, I'll be going this weekend and trading in my fun little 2 door because it makes sense. I feel like it's weird to have this expectation and visualization of what it would be like to buy my next car.... but then again... I guess it isn't.

On the other hand, I put my motorcycle up for sale before I actually knew I was pregnant. So maybe making this decision to buy our new 'family' car will trigger a shift in the cosmos and I'll get pregnant (intrauterine this time, please)?


Samantha said...

It's weird how all sorts of things end up getting tied in with IF. I remember in fall 2005, shortly after D and I started having serious conversations about starting a family (although not yet doing anything about it), we needed a new car, and ended up with a station wagon. "Now we'll have to have kids," I told him. I hope your car will bring you luck.

Schatzi said...

Happy car shopping! I hope buying a "family" type car brings you "family" type results. Maybe it will be like a sign to the Fertility Gods...:)

Geohde said...

A change of car is a Good Plan. I have a friend whose husband decided that a two door car would be just *fine* with a baby and backed out of changing over. When the papers were ready to sign. When she was eight freaking months pregnant!

Needless to say, near divorce later, he concedes that a two door car is not fun with a baby. And you will have a baby!

Nearlydawn said...

Hubby and I have been having the car discussion for a while ourselves. We have gone through 3 model years during our wait. I've told him I'm wanting to see how it goes with my current car. I really like it, but it is a 2-door too. Don't know, will probably get some kind of nesting issue about 8 1/2 months and trade it in. Who knows.

Ann said...

My husband's car just failed its emissions test, and I think we've decided rather than running this car into the ground, we might as well buy a bigger, "family" car. It feels like such a huge step, though, doesn't it?