Thursday, July 5, 2007


I'm back from my mini vacation - and it really was nice. I watched 8 movies (!), did a bunch of knitting, went for nice walks in the woods, hung out with my mother... all that jazz.

But, my mother is sad. And that makes me sad. She is pretty much on the verge of crying all the time. I can't really do anything about it! She is lonely. She worries about my brother (who is having marital issues and going through bankruptcy). She misses her dog that died last year. She wants me to get pregnant - but not in the bad 'why don't I have a grandchild yet', but in the 'I know how badly you want this' sort of way. Her sadness makes it hard to spend time with her. But I want to spend time with her - because I know she likes it, and it makes her happy. It's hard.

I'm on CD 5. In order for me to be able to have my August IVF, I need to be approved within the next week, so I can have my pre-IVF appointment, and start the Lupron on the 19th. I just put a call into the doctors office to see what the status of his 'protest' is... but it had better be moving along!


Samantha said...

I hope that your doctor's protest can get you going!

ultimatejourney said...

Good luck getting everything on track for the August IVF cycle.

Chris said...

Your mini vacation sounds just wonderful! And I do understand about Moms being hard to be around . . . it's been like that since my dad's accident last year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get going on your cycle this month!

Geohde said...

Welcome back :)

I know what you mean about sad relatives hoping for good news on the pregnancy front. My MIL is in her 70's and I only hope that we can give ther the grandchild she wants so badly before it's too late. :(