Friday, June 29, 2007

CD 1

Well. Here we are again. Wouldn't want to be late, would you? Showing up on CD 28, at 6 AM, as always. Thanks for being punctual.


I guess my plan of a weekend in the woods at my family's cabin was just about the best idea I've have in a while. Aaron is driving up with me, but then going home because he needs to work on Monday. I don't. I have Monday - the 4th off, and I plan to hang out, just me and the dogs, relax, knit, go for walks, go swimming in the lake...and pray to the fertility gods that my stupid doctor gets the insurance decision reversed.

See you on the flip side!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am so sorry Cece. I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Samantha said...

I hope you'll be able to relax over the long weekend.

Ann said...

I've just now read about all your insurance woes, and you have my complete sympathy. A relaxing weekend may be just what you need.

ultimatejourney said...

I'm a little late getting here, but I'm so sorry about all the insurance crap. I HATE insurance companies. I hope your weekend takes your mind off things.

Geohde said...

Boo to CD 1.

Yay to a regular cycle, however.

Enjoy your trip :)