Sunday, June 17, 2007

Can't shake it.

Damn! I wish that a few days off work would have shaken me out of this funk, but it really hasn't. I took all day yesterday for myself. I went for a nice long walk. I then went for a mani/pedi and to the yarn store and allowed myself to buy a pattern and yarn for this cute baby hat. I came home and knit for a little bit, and then went out to a nice dinner with my DH and FIL.

This morning I woke up tired and cranky. And Aaron and I managed to fight a little over dumb stuff because he is miserable with this stupid rash that won't go away. I can't get out of this stupid funk.

Have I mentioned that I'm ovulating? And Aaron is going away for the whole week on Monday?

Augh. Stupid IF. Stupid hormones. Stupid rash. Stupid job.

I've decided to stay home all day - didn't even go for a walk or to yoga. Just sitting in my recliner, watching TV and knitting. Oh, and being cranky.


Geohde said...

It al sounds like such *delightful* fun.

The rash, the cranky, the inevitable sex so that this cycle counts. Been there (minus the rash!)

I hope he's at least not contagious!

KarenO said...

Go read Tertia's post on Survival Kits, ( get yourself one (or two or 5!) and do some more sitting, watching TV, knitting and a lot of being cranky. And don't even let your conscience try to tell you when it's time to get up. Stay there till YOU feel better! hugz

KarenO said...
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KarenO said...

Oh phewey, that was me... seems that the link doesn't want to post all that well. Let me try something different. Go to and look for the post on Survival Kits. Sorry to mess up your comments section!

Samantha said...

I'm sorry. I hope you feel less cranky soon!

Serenity said...

honestly? staying inside, knitting and being cranky would have been a fantastic way to spend yesterday.

Instead of going to another Father's Day bbq listening to my SIL talk about giving birth and how she's "not prepared" to have a baby yet and wishes she had "more time" until it were here.

But I digress - we were talking about YOU.


Caro said...

I hear you on the cranky. Hope you feel better soon.