Monday, June 11, 2007

This weekend

This past weekend was a weird combo of good and bad. The good included an awesome new built-in that my father in law made for us (go look at the pictures, I'll wait), and a spa day for me.

The bad was that I had to work almost all day on Saturday.


I'm starting the OPKs today... I'll keep you all posted. Because I know you care.



Christy said...

Good luck with the OPK's. Here's wishing that you don't have to go buy a 2nd box, like I always have to do! Hehehe!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Ah a spa day...that sounds so good.

Good luck with OPKs!

Geohde said...

There's something very exciting about seeing a second line on *any* kind of test. :)

Good luck!