Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates on yesterday

Aaron - being 'not a woman' is my conduit to the RE's office. Surprisingly, he doesn't cry or freak out when they tell HIM something.... but me? I'm a wreak.

Anyhoo... the nurse called Aaron back and explained in more detail (and I will agree with you - I'm loving the term 'exposed to sperm'). Apparently, the fact that I got pregnant, no matter that is was a) the cycle after I took clomid, so YES technically a medicated cycle as clomid stays in your body for 6 weeks and b) ectopic and c) we have now been trying for 27 months to have a baby, means that I do not have a fertility issue. Because I was pregnant less than 12 months ago.


My doc is apparently really annoyed and will be protesting it. The nurse is sure that once he explains about the ectopic, that I will get approved. But I'll tell you what - when I called my insurance company to talk about this? She said that clinicians went over my chart to determine if I was approved or not - and I think that is a HUGE load of bullshit. If they had really looked, and looked past my BFP in October, they would have seen the ectopic, and I wouldn't be going through all this now.

It's going to be interesting to see when (if!?!?!) we get approved in time to do the July cycle.

Thanks for all the support, guys.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Uh how frustrating. I am so sorry Cece. I would definitely fight it. Definitely.

chicklet said...

Jesus, I can't believe you have to add this to your list of things to fight for. As if you don't have enough to deal with already.

Geohde said...


It beggers belief that you have to point out that you didn't exactly get to take a baby home last time. And you've been trying for an awful long time "exposed to sperm"

What a sweet turn of phrase that is :).

I am so "exposed to sperm" at the moment it's not funny, and I'm still not pregnant.