Tuesday, July 28, 2009

20 week checkup

I went to my 20 week checkup on Monday. Both babies sounded great on the doppler, my weight was up another 2 pounds... and I'm measuring 26 weeks. At least I know I don't just FEEL huge, I AM huge. We talked a little more about delivery and the probability that I'll have a c-section. He agreed if I went into labor before 38 weeks we could discuss it (if both babies were head down, blah blah blah)...but I don't have a good feeling that is going to happen. I guess I'm setting myself up for the worst case scenario so I don't get disappointed. I'm also going to continue to go for ultrasounds every month, and I think he said I'd start non-stress tests every 2 weeks once I'm in my 3 trimester.

Fun fun.

The reason I love this doc? When I told him about the marker that one of my babies had for trisomy 18 - he told me that BOTH his daughters had the exact same thing, and they are totally healthy. Made me feel much more at ease... even though I honestly wasn't that worried to begin with (but of course, was worried that I wasn't worried!?! That's a normal Cece reaction for you!).

I was reading the book 'What to expect when you are expecting twins, triplets or quads' - and they recommend that you gain 20 pounds in the first 20 weeks. My doc hasn't said a thing about my weight gain... but of course, I went into this pregnancy 10 pounds over what I was when I got pregnant with Hulk - and it isn't like I'm wasting away. I just really want to avoid any NICU time with the girls....but I also don't know what else I could be eating to gain weight! I feel like I eat like a pig!

Hulk was somewhat miserable this weekend - his top two teeth are coming in. He even had a fever and threw up on Aaron on Sunday - but yesterday he was back to his normal happy self. I can feel the teeth, but I can't see them yet. I'm hoping he continues to be happy (and sleeping well - he slept really well last night too) for this weekend. I'm planning on going to the cabin to spend the weekend with my mother. Aaron is off to CA for another weekend with his buddies so I figured it would be a good time to go to the cabin. Just hope that Hulk sleeps better there than he did last time.


Carrie27 said...

My sister had a scare as well with her daughter. She went in for an amnio and everything turned out fine. The doctor scared her for nothing, and after it wall said and done her normal doctor told her that he would not have even suggested she went in for all the extra testing.

I put on most of my weight with the twins in the end. I think I gained about 30 or so pounds with them and I had bigger than average twin babies.

Beautiful Mess said...

Glad the girls are doing well. Even though you feel big, I bet you look BEAUTIFUL!

Hope those teeth pop out soon for Hulk. Have so much fun at the cabin!

Bounty said...

I admire you (here I am thinking that my one little baby is hard work!) If you need more inspiration for the name, here a good link http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ is really good as you can search for names by origin, meaning, initials and rankings. Let us know what will you choose! xx Jo

Wishing 4 One said...

So gald to read all is wonderful! And despite your hugeness, i bet you look awesome! Hope Hulk has fun at the cabin, and sleeps well.