Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slept all night!

For the first time in weeks, Hulk slept all night. High levels of excitement here! Now, to see if it continues through the weekend, when I'm flying (semi) solo. I will have Hulk's godmother here with me, but I doubt she'll be involved in night time wake ups!

The rain doesn't appear that it is EVER planning on ending. I'm so glad that Hulk isn't older, as some of my friends with super active 2 or 3 years olds are getting ready to jump off a bridge at this point, I'm sure.

This weekend I'm really hoping to make a large amount of progress on cleaning out my yarn room. The shelving is out and ready to be restocked. The books are out. So, it's all about going through my stash and dealing with knitting/sewing/quilting accessories that are stored now in the closet. It seems like an achievable goal, but I find that I get really tired quickly, so hopefully Suzanne can keep me on track.

Once we get all the stuff out, we can slowly start removing wallpaper and the carpets. At the earliest, I think we could really start painting the weekend of July 25th - I want to wait until the 19 week ultrasound to really decide what to do for colors. I'm currently leaning towards a red rug, off-white walls, and then some sort of colorful designs on the walls... but I reserve the right to totally change my mind at anytime. We are taking the first week in August off for vacation - but I think Aaron has different plans than finishing a nursery!


Jen said...

What is this "sleeping all night" thing you are talking about? I can't seem to remember...

Carrie27 said...

YAY!! I hope Hulk keeps it up so that mommy can have a restful weekend.

Good luck sorting everything out this weekend!

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go Hulk! Keep it up so mommy can sleep, too! Enjoy your weekend and organizing.
P.S> that rug is really pretty!