Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3

Aaron left at 4:30 AM on Friday morning. Hulk slept like a rock star that night.... it was like the calm before the (poop) storm.

I should have known, when daycare lightly mentioned that a gastric 'thing' was going around - of course Hulk would get it. But that he got it when I was san-husband... that was a nice touch. The very best present my friend (and Cameron's god mother) ever gave me was to come and spend the weekend with me. I've never been so thankful to have a second pair of hands... and a pair of hands that loves to hold and cuddle my son, too!

When we got home from dropping Aaron at the airport, Hulk had a nasty poopy diaper. I changed it, thought nothing more of it, and we went back to bed until I needed to login to work. Then, the never ending weekend of poop began. He pooped pretty much ever hour throughout the day on Friday. Suzanne arrive around 2:30 PM - I had given up on working at 2 and taken both Hulk and myself to bed for a nap - he was super cranky the entire morning/early afternoon and I couldn't get him to nap by himself. When I came back downstairs from the nap - there was my savior! If it wasn't for Suzanne, Hulk would have been crying a lot more (you really couldn't even put him down for a minute, he was that miserable. If you were holding him? Happy baby. Leave the room? Full on tears.) and I don't think I would have eaten all weekend.

Friday night was pretty awesome, he went to sleep at 7 and slept until 4:30 - but I couldn't sleep at all because I was freaking out he was going to poop out of his PJs and I'd have to deal with it in the middle of the night. He pooped himself awake at 4:30, and he went back to sleep until 7! Heaven!

All day Saturday was pretty much a study in covering the house in poop. He pooped on me, Suzanne, the rug, his high chair, through 5 different outfits... it was awesome. And Saturday night, at 2:30 - there was the poopolision that I was dreading the night before. I couldn't deal with changing his sheets, so he came to bed with me.... where I got no sleep freaking out that he was dehydrated and would never ever stop pooping. Oh, and add on hunger (and no Aaron to poke awake to get me a snack. I eventually got my ass out of bed and got my own snack.). He woke up at 6:30, had one final poop.... at that was it!

No more poop since. I'm am praying to all that is holy that he has a great nights sleep tonight and is able to go to day care for the full day tomorrow. Suzanne left here around 4, and Aaron comes home Tuesday night. So only 2 nights on my own, I'd like it to be with a happy, minimally poopy baby.

What are the odds of that happening? I'm going to spend all day at work freaking out that daycare will call, telling me to come get him.

Oh - in other news? The twins room is 99% clear of yarn stuff! And, the guest room is maybe 80% moved into and organized! We were able to do a bunch of work even with Sir Poopsalot!

*I have to add. When else in my life am I going to be able to use the word 'poop' 14 times in one blog post?!*


Carrie27 said...

I had to laugh, because we had a poop explosion at our house yesterday morning. Must be something in the air.

Even with all the crap, it seems like you got a lot of work done. Progress was made, very exciting! I hope you and Hulk are able to sleep the next two nights before Aaron returns with ease.

Beautiful Mess said...

Goodness! Poor Hulk's bottom! I hope he's feelin better. Good work getting the room cleared out! Very impressed!

Brandy said...

Oh my! That's just awful. I know that's been horrible anytime Aiden has gone through one of those poop bugs. I'm so glad Hulk seems to be doing better. And of course that you help up through it!

Anonymous said...

*I have to add. When else in my life am I going to be able to use the word 'poop' 14 times in one blog post?!*

When you have twins and it's 14 x 2!

Jen said...

Sadly I have been there. Hope his bottom is doing all right!

La La said...

Oh hun, I am so sorry...we have not had to deal with any stomach bugs yet (knock on wood), but we've had our fair share of colds. In fact, we hve croup right now (A.W.F.U.L.). Hope Hulk is all better now.

beebles said...

i know this is a little late - but just got back from vaca - oh and the Zerker has had the same thing - but she is eating ok and seems in good spirits - ugh! Poop everywhere! :)