Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random.... Thursday?

So usually Wednesdays are for random. And when I opened up this post to start writing, I was pretty sure it WAS Wednesday. I think that gives a good indication that I'm overdue for next week's vacation. My current life in bullet points:
  • Aaron leaves this afternoon for the weekend in CA. In normal Aaron-style, he is taking a 'vacation' to help rip apart a friends house and put in hardwood flooring.
  • He will return on Monday, and begin ripping apart our basement to make a better workshop.
  • So I've got 4 nights of single parenting... which shouldn't be a big deal. Of course, I'm actually sore this morning from a bad twist in my sleep which almost had me in tears. Damn round ligament pain. I even called my doc this morning - because it was still sore... and I'm supposed to rest it.
  • How do you 'rest' a round ligament? Especially with an almost 8 month old that needs to be picked up?
  • I called my Aunt to see if she would come over and help with bedtime. She is leaving for a weekend trip today. Sigh.
  • I'm planning on going to see my mother this weekend. I'm going to be pissed if it's annoying. I'm leaving my dogs home to try to avoid the whole 'your dog sucks' conversation.
  • Call me a wimp, but I just don't want to get into all that in a face to face discussion. At least this week I don't.
  • On Monday, Hulk will be going to daycare even though I'm not working. Am I a bad mom? I think not. I have a massage scheduled for 9 AM.
  • I may even go see a movie on Monday.
  • His surgery is on Thursday. I got the information in the mail about what he is supposed to do... no food after midnight, and only clear fluids in the morning. I hope he is in really early so I can't need to deal with Hungry Hulk - because he gets pretty mad when he is hungry.

That's all the excitement here. Looking forward to my week of no work - but will be pretty busy at home! I'm may even do some work on the nursery... if I'm able to get the wallpaper down without chemicals. We'll see.


Jen said...

Your Monday sounds fabulous. Can I come???

SS said...

You are not a bad mom for still sending him to daycare- one of the benefits of a staycation! (And a rminder, you're pregnant with twins!! You need me-time!!) Have a great vacation, and I hoep that the pain subsides quickly.

Megan said...

As far as removing wallpaper without chemicals, someone told us to use liquid fabric didn't work for our original -to- the -1968-house-wallpaper, but I can hope it does for you! Have a fun weekend. Are you wearing a maternity support belt? That might help with the ligament stuff if you aren't wearing one already. I LOVED mine and recommend to all my patients!

serenity said...

Random assvice: The no food after midnight thing? We fed O a bottle at 11:45pm the night before his ear tubes procedure. He was so interested in the place and the people that morning of his surgery that he didn't even notice he was hungry.

I always feel guilty when I send O to daycare and I'm home. But time to yourself is JUST as important too. And a movie? Bliss!


emily said...

Hey, I have heard that vinegar and water mixed together will also take wallpaper off. Not that I have proof. Yet. But have lots of wallpaper to try it out on this coming year!
Good luck this weekend, hope it's not too stressful. At least you have a nice Monday planned to reverse any ill effects!

Carrie27 said...

I took off borders in almost all of my rooms in this house, and didn't use any chemicals. I got a steamer from Walmart and it came down pretty quick. Just a thought.

Sorry you'll be single parenting this weekend, I'm there with you, but mine's for a whole month ;(

BrandiH2007 said...

I hope you have a relaxing weekend without too much drama! And enjoy Monday, all mom's need a day like that every now and then.