Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's see.

What is going on here. It's been a long week. With Aaron gone until Tuesday, and then him working last night until midnight (or whenever he got home, I noticed he was in bed with me at midnight) I've been on Mommy-duty alone a lot more than usual. Add in the fact that we found out yesterday that the project we've been working on since I was on maternity leave was pulled. As in cease and desist working on it. They even told people to not come in today (I came in because I'm on other projects). I feel two ways about this - one is frustration. Many people worked almost 22 weeks straight, 7 days a week with the delusion that we would still go live. It was pretty obvious about a month ago that things weren't going to make it (we were supposed to go live in May, and then June.... and then it switched to TBD). To burn people out like that makes me angry. I was able to keep my team out of the fire... so they aren't as burned out - which is good.

So, I'm somewhat relieved that they finally 'called' it. But then there is the nervous factor in which this was a 5 year, multi-million dollar project that was the stability for our team. Even though we were in banking - we had this project. Now, it's up in the air if my division will keep it. I'm just thankful that about a year ago, when I was asked if I wanted to take on the role of QA Manager for the project - I declined. At the time, many were shocked that I would turn down the opportunity. It was a promotion (but not in my mind - it meant going back to working weekends and go-lives - which are brutal and soul sucking). But I was pregnant, and I didn't want the added stress. After watching the guy they did hire work his ASS off - I know I made the right decision months ago, but now it is even MORE clear.

Back to the good. There are a bunch of things going on with Hulk and the twins that are making me smile.
  • Hulk is crawling. But backwards. It is WAY too entertaining to watch him figure it all out. He wants to go forwards, but he ends up moving backwards. He looks at me and is like "What the hell!?" - and I laugh. Hopefully not scarring him for life
  • This new found movement makes it so he can entertain himself (!) for long stretches of time... a nice change.
  • But... at night, he'll crawl backwards in his crib and get stuck in a corner and cry and cry. Nothing will soothe him - so I end up bringing him to bed with me at 3 AM. Not the best solution (nor a long term one! 3 babies, 2 adults, one bed? I don't think so). Any suggestions? Or is this a 'this to shall pass sort of thing'.
  • Hulk is also trying new, more textured foods. Like instead of mashing up a banana, I'll give him a chunk. He'll get it in his mouth and makes this face - like WHAT IS THIS!? And then chew it and have a look of total relief... oh. It's banana. I like banana. And it totally cracks me up.
  • I play a new game called 'messing with the twins'. I don't feel them kicking constantly yet, so if it's been a while, I'll drink some OJ, wait 20 minutes, and then they'll go crazy. It's entertainment.

That is all the news here. Lots to do this weekend - we are getting the nursery set, cleaning out the twins room some more, and my mother is coming to babysit so we can go out for Hulk's godfather's birthday. Bring on the weekend!

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Carrie27 said...

Sounds like you definitely made a great decision last year!

Love that Hulk is crawling backwards! Too cute! When E started scooting and crawling he would get stuck and I was just have to move him back to the center of his crib. I didn't bring him to bed with me, because he just wouldn't sleep. None of them sleep with us, they just want to have a party when they are in our bed.

Enjoy your night out and your weekend!