Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just spent ten minutes getting dried snot out of my son's bulb aspirator (used boiling water - anyone else have a better idea?). Yesterday I collected my pee for 24 hours. Last night, I came down with the same cold Hulk has, and we both feel like CRAP.

Damn, my life is sexy.

In good news, I was having issues dressing Hulk this morning, and decided to just send him to school in a super cute sweater and khaki's (I couldn't find a long sleeve onsie and it's going to be only in the 40's today. I figured he could wear a short sleeve one with a sweater over it, right?). Well - today is picture day at daycare! Score one for tired Mommy.

The house looks awesome - the guest room is totally ready for guests, which may be a good thing, as my blood pressure continues to rise - it was 145/74 at my non-stress test this morning. I'm close enough to my last day at work (11/13) that I found myself hoping for a reason to just use up my sick days and be done with it. On Monday - I actually could do that, as I have 4 sick days left, and next week we get Wends off for Veteran's Day. We've been dealing with crisis after crisis, and my heart isn't really in it... and there is a chance I'm going to have to log in this weekend. How annoying would that be??? On the other hand, I know I wouldn't realistically leave them in the lurch unless I was really on bedrest, and that would supremely SUCK, as I have plans for those 2 weeks off! Nothing major, but maybe going to the movies and stuff like that. And what would I do about Hulk? Who would take him to daycare? So, in all honesty, I don't REALLY want to have the doc give me a reason to leave work early.... only one week to go. I can make it!!


Jen said...

I've never thought about the dried snot in Jillian's aspirator. Ack!

11/13 isn't too far away. As long as those babies keep baking for just a little while longer!

Becky said...

try using the saline drops, we have an electic one for Nich and dried snot does get in there and dried on like glue!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Nose Frida. Works sooo much better, plus easy to clean.
(The way it works sounds weird but it's not gross at all.)

amysue said...

I hope you can make it, just don't over do it! I don't work Mon, Weds, Fri and Sat of you need something or someone to help with Hulk. Everyone here is well and vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

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