Monday, November 9, 2009

Broken body parts (not mine!)

So. I was napping on Saturday afternoon, so I missed the phone call - but my mother fell down the stairs at the cabin, broke 2 ribs and punctured a lung. And I am on travel restriction, so I couldn't do anything. Thankfully, my cousin and some of her friends chipped in and got her all settled in the hospital and got the dog taken care of. And I spent last night getting everything all set for her to come home today. But damn. It's hard to deal with all this long distance and on the phone! I wish I could have just popped in the car and stayed with her until at least tonight and tomorrow to see that she is all settled.

Of course, now that I know she is ok, I feel a little vindicated. She won't be able to drive for a long while, because she has a standard shift car (which I mentioned that she should maybe get an automatic, as she has arthritis, and it may be harder to drive a stick shift as she gets older). One of the biggest stresses was getting her dog taken care of - and of course, you all know my issues with her having this HUGE boxer. It's much easier to get someone to take care of a little dog than a 60 pound one! And, of course - the way she hurt herself? She was carrying a very heavy table from her deck at the cabin to the basement to store it for the winter. Over and over again I have asked her to have some of her friends (or even to hire someone) to help with that... but NO. She is too independent (and stubborn). I guess that is what comes from being on your own for so long.

Maybe she'll start listening to me a little now?! I doubt it though.

Baby-wise, we are doing great. I went for my non-stress test this morning, and things are all still good, and the results of the 24 hour urine were perfect. So that is good news. I've only got this week left at work, and then I'm done! 35 weeks today, and still feeling good. I think that is great.


Carrie27 said...

Your poor mom! Ouch!

So happy things are going so well with you and the pregnancy.

emily said...

Holy cow, that stinks! Hope your mom is feeling okay.

Glad you are feeling well! Hooray 35 weeks!

Jen said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better. 35 weeks...unbelievable. You'll have 3 under 1 before you know it!