Monday, November 23, 2009


Aaron installed the floor this week. I. Freaking. LOVE. It. Every time I enter the kitchen, I squeal a little, I love it so much. It's kind of like when you get an AWESOME haircut, and every time you see yourself in the mirror, you do a double take? That is how I feel when I walk by the kitchen.

The old floor was cold, hard, off-white BUMPY ceramic tile. I hated it. It was hard to keep clean, anything you dropped on it would shatter into a million pieces, and it was COLD. So cold that in the winter, if you weren't wearing slippers, you feet would actually hurt if you stood on it. This floor is kind of soft and definitely warmer and I just love it. Love love love it!

Hulk did a bit of 'helping' too:

I was nervous that the wood floor with the wood cabinets would be awful - but I don't even think it's that offensive. Our next project is to paint the cabinets white (well, paint the whole kitchen area) - but I don't hate how it is now. Which is good, because I don't think we are going to have the spare time to do that painting in the near future. We have something big coming up in 9 days... if I could only remember what it is....

: )

Seriously - I had my non-stress test this morning (37 weeks today!) and everything is still good. Hulk had his follow up visit on his surgery in August - and he is looking good too! Aaron and I had to divide and conquer this morning - he took Hulk to the doc and I went to my own doc appointment - so Hulk got to play in Aaron's office for a while, which he loved. I complained to my doc that my hips were REALLY hurting me, and his answer was - if they WEREN'T hurting you I'd be worried. Sigh. The doc said if I was REALLY miserable, we could talk about moving my date, and I just don't feel comfortable with that. I'd rather they have as much time inside as they need. If I pushed the c-section up because my hips hurt a little, and someone ended up in the NICU, I would feel AWFUL. I can suck it up for 9 more days.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Love the floor!

Nine days!

Carrie27 said...

9 days?! That's it! Wow, time sure flies by.

I definitely say hold off on painting for a while. Hee hee.

Jen said...

The floors look great! Just nine!

Christy said...

Gorgeous! Your hubby is quite the talented man!