Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A week.

So. A week from now, the twins will be here. It's all sinking in. I'm finally excited to meet them, and not just terrified. I have everything ready. Anything that I could have obsessed over, I think I've managed to either deal with, or get over it. Want a list of the things that would keep me up at night?

  • Getting Hulk an 'I'm a big brother' shirt to wear. This proved rather difficult, as I left it really to today to go looking, and they didn't have them at BRU. Or Target. Or Carters. Or Walmart. I finally found one at Gymboree. Hopefully their 2T doesn't run huge - I have it on hold and will pick it up on my way to get Hulk from daycare.
  • I got Hulk a special Birthday Boy romper - but I wanted him to wear it both on the 4th to school (it's a Friday, so it's the day BEFORE his birthday) and on his actual birthday, the 5th. So I was going to ask his godmother to run a load of laundry that night so he would have a birthday outfit for the day of his birthday. But today, I found a very sweet My 1st Birthday onsie for him to wear Saturday.
  • Other birthday related items - I got a cake pan in the shape of the number one - Aaron has agreed to make a cake to bring to daycare on Friday and another to bring to the hospital for a little family party on Saturday. I got candles and plates... and that is the extent of my 1st birthday party plans. I think we'll open presents when we get home with the girls on Sunday.
  • Baby food. The kid has enough food to get him through me being in the hospital. I had obsessively made a HUGE amount before I stopped working, and then realized that I still had 3 weeks to go... so I made more last night. And now we are good through when I'm back home. Although I'll probably make MORE this weekend so I don't have to worry about it right away.
  • Hulk's sleeping. Of course, he went from sleeping reliably from 7 PM to 6AM to waking up in the middle of the night because he has a cold and was coughing. That seems to have calmed down - so I don't have to worry about my Aunt or his godmother dealing with a fussy baby in the middle of the night.
  • Hulk's eating. He went from shoveling food in for dinner to refusing to eat at night. Thankfully the last two nights we seem back to normal. I was picturing my poor Aunt sitting there trying to get him to eat to no avail. Phew.
  • My bag is packed. I have new nursing PJs for the hospital and books to read and knitting to bring. I even packed shampoo and lotion and all the little things that I forgot last time. I have the batteries charged for my camera.

I think that's it! Am I a freak or what? The food and sleeping things I feel are OK to obsess over - but his outfits? What is WRONG with me?


Jen said...

Yeah they probably don't make big brother t shirts for 11 month olds, hun? I'm sure this isn't exactly what you would have predicted Hulk's birthday to be like a year ago, but I know you all are excited regardless! I can't wait to hear about the twins' arrival!

Carrie27 said...

Oh my word! I'm all anxious for you. I remember all my feelings building up to the delivery of my twins.

It looks like you have it all planned out and now all the anxious waiting begins.

amysue said...

Wow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and an easy delivery-can't wait to meet the girls!