Friday, November 27, 2009

Special Sweaters

I finally put the finishing touches on the girl's coming home sweaters, and found matching outfits to go under them:

The sweater on the left I made right when I found out I was having twin girls, to go along with the one on the left, which is the sweater I made to bring Hulk home in if he was a girl. They are both lacy, sweet little sweaters - but over the months I'd also knit a hot pink and bright orange set of sweaters... and was thinking they would wear those. Looking at the other sweaters, and being realistic on the 4 day old size of the girls, I decided they would look silly in the other sweaters. So - back to this plan! Plus, these are more 'traditional' (Hulk's was a cabled sweater).

I never got around to steaming out the lace or putting buttons on the darker one. Hulk is napping, and I finally got them ready! The super cute outfits are ready to be filled with babies!


Rachel said...

Those are such adorable outfits! I am in awe of your knitting skills.

Beautiful Mess said...

Beautiful sweaters! Your girls are going to look gorgeous in them! Nice work.

Carrie27 said...

Those sweaters are adorable!

I can't wait to see your girls in those sweaters, looking even more adorable.

Tara said...

Well aren't you talented! Those are beautiful little sweaters - your girls and going to look adorable coming home in them.