Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bullet Points of fun

Nantucket was wonderful. Can't say it was 100% of the time, because of normal MIL issues, but here are the highlights:
  • Getting to spend time with Aaron's Grandmother. My kids are very lucky to have a great-grandmother, and they love her. She always manages to have just the perfect things for the kids. She gave Cam a book, and all weekend he was running around with it saying BOOK BOOK! (She ran a daycare center. She knows babies).
  • We went to the beach - but the biggest hit was Children's Beach. It also has a boat launch, so Cam would sit in the sand, and point at the boats. BIG TRUCK! BOAT! Bye-bye Boat! (as the people would come launch the boats - huge levels of excitement).
  • Maggie LOVED the beach and watching everyone. I think she may be my water baby.
  • We brought our friend Suzanne with us (Cam's godmother). Her goal for the weekend was to get Cam to say her name. We would try to get him to say Suzie (thinking that was easier than Suzanne)... but he would only say it every once in a while. But he kept saying Ani (rhyme with Mommy)... and we finally caught on that was his name for Suzanne. She was rather pleased. Until he would run around DEMANDING that Ani came with him - ANI! AAAAAANI!
  • My MIL had a friend with a pond in her backyard where there were ducks. The first time we went was after his nap on Friday. Saturday he woke up and said BWAK BWAK (that is what all birds are to Cam). So it was what we did each day after nap time. He would run downstairs to the door, get in the car, saying BWAK BWAK the whole way to the ducks. Crazy cute.
  • Cam also got to see the antique fire truck go down Main St (a 4th of July tradition followed by a big fire hose fight). Exciting, but also a bit overwhelming.
  • We saw fireworks. We went out to Aaron's Uncle's boat (Cam said 'BIG boat! WOW! when we pulled up to it in the launch - perfect way to get in good with the uncle, huh?) so it was easy to keep him awake until 9. When the fireworks started, he pointed at them and said BUBBLES! Too cute. After 10 minutes though, he was toast and passed out in my arms.
  • Yesterday was rough getting off island. There were consequences to keeping him up until 9 the night before, but both kids were troopers. I was more than happy to see Aaron and sleep in my own bed!


HereWeGoAJen said...

That sounds like a lovely trip!

Carrie27 said...

Sounds like so much fun! I just finished reading a book based in Nantucket and it sounded magical.

MyLifeMyWorld said...

Wow, wish I was with you! Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Do share some pics when you can :)