Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What she said.

A while back, I posted about how this isn't supposed to be my life. Since then I'm gotten a bunch of comments, talked to friends, talked to Aaron, a study came out about how having children doesn't make you 'happy' and I read this post.

Like I said the other day, nothing prepares you for having kids. Nothing prepares you for the 'easy' things like lack of sleep, crying, teething, choosing your discipline style... or the truly awful things that you don't even think about happening, like a baby dying or your baby seriously ill or needing surgery. My therapist told me that most people don't even try to prepare for the really bad things because that don't happen to many people.

Well, we had a really bad thing happen. And we survived. And I know we've changed as people because of it. Heather commented that 'I also know that my son's short life makes me love the girls, hug them, and laugh with them more. In a way, life is more sweet because of him. Even if I still miss him terribly." And yeah. She is right. Nora is missed. And yes, she should be here. But her short life, it meant something. It showed us that we need to hold on and love what we have and never EVER take for granted that it will be there tomorrow.

So yeah, Heather. What you said.


K said...

nice. touching. true.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yes, that is a very good point. Thank you for sharing. :)

Heather said...

Awwww. I'm so glad my words helped. Nora and Henrick's lives will continue to influence and shape us, which while tragic is also wonderful in it's own little way. I'm a better person because of my son. His life did and continues to mean something. And thinking of that really does make me smile.

Heather said...

... and I just read Jennifer Lawler's post. Wow. Thank YOU for sharing that.

weebug said...

cece you are right. and thank you very much for sharing.