Friday, July 9, 2010


Ha. I'm kind of a crafty girl... I'm currently in the middle of knitting socks for Cam for the fall. Yep, my toddler will be sporting handknit wool socks come fall. And not just one pair. I'm on pair 6 now. I love to knit, and baby knits are awesome as they are quick, no matter how thin the yarn. I've also started working on sweaters for both kids for the fall/winter also - and planning on sewing matching pants/dresses whatever to match.

The kids are basically my dolls.

As I was thinking about sewing a few dresses for Maggie, I got to thinking about Halloween. My mother sewed all of my costumes growing up - and I LOVED them. I was a fairy, a princess, a witch - and still my favorite.... a watermelon slice.

My watermelon slice costume was better than the above - the rind was on the bottom - and I had more seeds.

Anyway, I'm daydreaming of making Cam's costume. I'm thinking either a lion (his favorite stuffed animal is a lion) or a dog (he LOVES dogs). Big decisions.


Heather said...

I envy your artistic skills!! That is awesome that you can make them things to wear.

HereWeGoAJen said...

My favorite Halloween costume of all time was when I was a Sandwich. All my friends wanted to go as witches, I didn't, so I made myself a Sandwitch costume.

Carrie27 said...

My mom made a lot of our costumes growing up, but, I do not have those gifts she does. But, I think it would be really cool to have a handmade costume.

emily said...

I don't know if it was my favorite, but in 3rd grade I was a bunch of grapes. Purple ones. They were a TON of stuffed felt oval shapes, pinned all over a body suit with a green leafy collar. The bad part though, was that I had a costume contest in school and was left to put it on alone... I think my head was through the leg hole, or some such nonsense. Anyway, I won a prize!

Heather said...

Damn, I'm jealous of your craftiness. You will have to show the finished product!

La La said...

Go crafty momma! I'm jealous, I used to sew before I had the kiddos but I just can't find the time or motivation anymore.

I *love* the watermelon costume!