Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organizing, baby food and babies!

Last week, our best friend and his fiance had a little baby girl. I, of course, knew it was a little girl from the day they told me they were pregnant. I got to see and hold her on Weds night... and she is just perfect and sweet (and looks EXACTLY like Darrin. Jury is still out if that is a good thing for a girl). I said I would never forget - but you DO forget what it is like to hold a little 6 pound baby. This birth has helped tremendously in our house, because ever since I found our she was pregnant, I've been saving everything that BOTH children grow out of.

This weekend and Monday, I did the HUGE purge. I went through all of Maggie's drawers and got rid of the things that were less than 9 month size. I boxed up little hats and blankets and nursing pads and burp cloths.... ANYTHING that they may need/want and we don't need here. 6 large boxes. And damn, does it feel good. Any I'm telling them that we don't want ANY of it back. To donate it if they don't want it.

When I called to tell them of this huge pile of clothes... I was nervous. Because I know that when people started offloading stuff to us, it was overwhelming. But Kate seems excited, and asked if they could come over tonight. So, I spent the morning preparing a nice, light summer dinner (tomato and mozzarella salad, orzo salad, and lemon pepper chicken) and figured while I was in there, I should whip up some baby food. Maggie is eating EVERYTHING now - so I can make some of my favorite baby foods. I made her avocado/banana, spinach/pear, and tofu/strawberry/banana. I also found the sweet potato/peach I made before she was born in the freezer. I'm defrosting some and hoping it's OK. They say that you should only freeze stuff for 4 months... but it's been double bagged. I hope it's good.

The only other thing I'd love to get done today is to sort out digital pictures and get them printed. I haven't printed pictures since April of last year! Bad mom!

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