Monday, July 19, 2010

Tornado warning.

Seriously. We have one. In Central Mass. Hahahahaha.

Everyone was doing well by our Saturday night date night, thank god. We left both kids (who were napping when we left) in our friend's hands, and headed off to our date night. The big plan was to get a coffee at Starbucks (we don't have any Starbucks near to us, so it's a treat), go see a movie and get take-out to bring home for dinner. We are nothing if not exciting! Anyway, we are about 5 minutes until the end of the movie, when Aaron's phone rings - it's our friend. Maggie is crying hysterically.

Now. Maggie is a very happy baby, but no limits can be pushed. If she is hungry FEED HER NOW. If she is tired PUT HER TO BED RIGHT THEN. If she poops, CHANGE THE DIAPER. If not, all hell breaks loose. We, fully trained in Princess Margaret Care, know the rules. We mentioned these to Justin, but I don't think he took us seriously. He was trying to soothe a sleepy baby - figuring she had just gotten up from a nap, and couldn't still be tired (ha. ha. ha.) But in the movie theater? 20 minutes away from home, knowing that a baby that had a fever 24 hours previously was crying?!?! I was freaking out. I surely didn't admit it to Aaron. We watched the end of the movie, hit the bathroom, and Aaron turned to me and said - you know we aren't getting that take out, right? And the two of us walked as quickly as we could to the car without running.

We got home, she wasn't even crying, she was obviously tired, and I got her happily to bed with a bottle in no time. And it was a good date even if it ended in a minor panic. But damn if that little panic didn't keep me up all night. Thinking of all of things I should worry about and wondering if ALL mother's worry this much? I love these kids so much it hurts. It's this fierce, raw, protective love that shocks me sometimes with it's intensity. It's unexplainable, really.

But Ill still leave them in other's hands while we go out together as a couple. In a few nights, we are off to meet our best friends brand new baby girl! They live 1.5 hours from us - so we will get the kids to bed and make our way out to meet her. I can't wait.

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mamahearsawho said...

this is almost exactly how our first date went after i had The Who. We were visiting Boston and left The Who with my mom. just as we ordered our dinner, my mom called to say that he just. wouldn't. stop. crying. (i think he was 5 months old.) we panicked, took our food to go, and when we got home, i nursed him and put him to sleep. crisis averted.

all this to say that i think the away-from-mama worry is normal.