Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clothes. Again.

Does anyone feel like all they do is sort baby clothes? Even if I didn't go out and buy HUGE lots of stuff, Maggie grows out of things so fast! At least Cam has slowed down - but I just spent the last week pulling out fall stuff, getting rid of small things, replenishing PJs... phew.

I've mentioned before, I decided to stay on the email list for the local twins group mostly because of the awesome deals they have. Stuff that I'm sure I could find if I scoured the tag sales and consignment shops... but I don't have the time, energy or patience for that. Sure, my heart pangs a little bit to see postings for twins stuff, but the Thrifty Yankee in me can set it aside knowing that the deals are worth it. With Cam, I totally wasn't on top of the whole clothes thing. I would find outfits, brand new, that he never wore, after he grew out of them. I've got a new system, where I put each group of clothes in a bin by size, and on the outside, list exactly what is in there. This way, if someone posts that they have 12 3T boys PJs for $20 - I can pop up and check and see if I do or don't have boys PJs. (That was my latest deal! Does it kill anyone else the price of PJS new? $20!!!! Christ). Thankfully, I also have a group of friends that sometimes will go in on stuff with me - because Cam certainly doesn't need 12 pairs of PJs.

Yesterday, I went over to a woman's house who had identical twin girls and a another girl. I bought this HUGE lot of clothes from her for $250. The stuff is amazing. Funny thing is - a lot of it never even got worn! She is of the school that it's too nice, the kids will ruin it. I'm the opposite. I say - wear the nice expensive stuff! Everyday! To school, in the back yard.... that is what it's for. Sure, sometimes it kills me to see Cam sliding around in the muck with a pair of Tea pants... but whatever.

She must have stored these clothes in a place where a cat slept IN them, or in the attic with a lot of dust - because my allergies were killing me by the time I left. So I took the box right up tot he laundry, and just now finished sorting through everything. I figured I got almost 150 things, and a lot were really nice dress sets, jeans (it kills me how much the jeans for babies cost!) and pjs. Maggie is totally set for clothes until 2T... at which point she is a little thin.

Now to pray that she is 18 month size next summer. The 18 month dresses I got from this woman are insanely cute.


Jen said...

I just spent Labor Day weekend moving clothes around for the girls. Hayden has been growing so quickly it has been crazy. If I keep on top of it everything gets worn, plus I have two girls to churn through it all and a new little girl cousin arriving soon. I love girl clothes. I'm sort of obsessed with them.

We were talking the other night at my knitting group about somebody who has a 3 month old and is pregnant with twins, and I mentioned your blog. A friend of mine, MJ, says she has met you at sock camp and said you'd been on her bus. Small world!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I agree about the price of pajamas. I bought a pair on sale today for $6, simply because it doesn't get much better than that.

Awesome deals for Maggie!

emily said...

I know what you mean about the price of kids clothes... ridiculous. Wait till they have to cross over to the 4-6X or bigger sizes, ugh. I can't bring myself to pay $30 (or more) for something that I'm not sure Natalie will ever wear!
I dig consignment stores, but I really have to go alone.