Thursday, March 31, 2011


The male half of the house is sick. Cameron has strep, and Aaron is whining about his throat hurting, so I think he has it too. Maggie and Mom? 100% A-OK. Let's hope it stays that way. I've had a rather stressful week - with the whole family drama making me feel like crap, and work sucking also.... I was really looking forward to bringing Cameron last night to see the Native American Drummers. I got the call from daycare at 4 that Cameron woke up from his nap hysterical and they couldn't calm him down. When we got there, he was pointing at his mouth saying 'Dis hurts, Mama!' (and can I say, it's pretty great when they can finally tell you WHAT the problem is). So to the doc we went. No fever, no ear infection, and the doc didn't even think he had strep, but did the test anyway. Of course, early in the morning, before school, I told Cam we were going on an 'adventure' and would see the drummers that night. So during this whole trip, he was saying 'Go Drummers? Now?'. And I was hoping and praying that he wasn't really sick, so we could still go. When they told me he had strep, he looked up and said - Now? Drummers? I called Aaron and told him that we were getting the meds, and going to the drummers. Aaron was totally against it - but the look of expectation on Cam's face? We had to go.

And it was SO worth it. The people there were so welcoming and friendly. The let Cam sit right in the circle and play. The older men were giving him big smiles and showing him how to play, and were so gentle and kind to a shy 2 year old. Cam couldn't stop talking about it on the way home - telling me that next time, 'Daddy come wid me!'.

Today, Aaron is home with Cam, and I guess all he is doing is playing on his drum.


admin said...

That's awesome! Not the strep of course. Way to cultivate interests early.

Michele said...

Bummer about the strep :(

HereWeGoAJen said...

I hope he feels better soon and no one else gets it!