Monday, March 7, 2011

I need sun.

It's been a long winter here. So much snow! We are FINALLY starting to thaw, but as of this morning, we still had about 12 inches for snow in our front yard. Gloriously, it's melting today - but of course that is because it's raining. Need. Sun. Now.

On a whim, I started sorting through Cam's summer clothes. They are all 2T, and he is solidly in 3T now. And we all know how I love finding good deals and hand me downs. My local twins list is having a big tag sale in April, so I figured that a lot of people on the list had been searching thought their stuff in preparation for the sale. So I posted that I was looking for 3T summer stuff, and hit the jackpot. I got loads of shirts and short for less than $1 a piece.

Then, I found a website with cheap plain tee shirts, and I'm planning on doing some applique, freezer paper stencils, and maybe even a tie-dye party. The two other shirts I embellished for Cam were such a success, I'm definitely doing more.

And then, Rugged Bear, a local children's clothing shop, is going out of business... so I was looking at Keene's for Cam for the summer too.

And I found swim lessons at the local lake for Cam to take, and hopefully his best buddy will join him (along with Maggie, of course).

So, if the sun isn't going to shine, I'll just dream about it. And plan for it.


HereWeGoAJen said...

You are ahead of me! I haven't even begun going through the summer clothes yet. And it is almost spring here too, we've got daffodils coming up!

claire said...

my mom has a rugged bear near her house (hollis, nh pretty much on the border of Mass)! I'm so sad it's closing, what an awesome store.

I'm scared to plan that far ahead since i have no idea what Wyatt's size will be.