Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow up to the food. And a bit of fun.

I'm on Day 2 of the real cleanse, and continue to feel great and not hungry at all. Which makes me wonder why the heck I was eating so much to begin with. And I DID feel hungry before. I guess just the wrong things? Although last night I made one of the 'soups' (if your definition of soup is raw vegetables spun up in the blender, so it's somewhat crunchy and DISGUSTING) and I couldn't eat/drink it. It made me gag it was so nasty. And my buddy made a different recipe to similar results. Nasty nasty nasty. So, I may have 21 days of smoothies. But whatever - I feel good and have lost 4 pounds already.

And I was SO afraid to get on that scale. I don't know why. Weighing yourself should just be information, not a judgement. But it always is for me. The good news is that when I weighed myself that first time, I wasn't as heavy as I thought I'd be. I guess fat does weigh less than muscle.

Saturday, I did a little girls night with a couple of my friends. The night started off with a cheap massage at the mall - who knew? It was a little strange, because you could hear all the mall noise and everything, but it felt SO wonderful! And then some appetizers for dinner - and rounded out with seeing the King's Speech. I haven't gone out like that in ages, and I realized that I still feel a little guilty for leaving Aaron with the kids for that whole week while I went to my dad's funeral. Which is silly. I needed a little downtime, and it was perfect.


serenity said...

I had a girls night out with one of my best friends where we ended up in a fitting room in Nordstroms, getting fitted for new bras. Seriously NOT what I thought I'd ever do, but it was so fun and surprisingly relaxing (and I got two new bras which FIT!).

It's nice to have some downtime.

The smoothies sound great, so hey, whatever, if it works then do it. I'm happy to hear it's working for you. Long may it continue. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have been wanting to get a new blender so that I can make smoothies. I'm glad the cleanse is going well for you!