Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can't get this week figured out

Tuesday I thought it was Thursday.

Today I thought it was Friday.

I've been working like a crazy lady for the past 3 weeks and I need some time to recoup and recover. I thought that would come this week, but this project that I'm working on is somewhat like death by a 1000 paper cuts. It goes live on Saturday - fingers crossed that everything is OK in production and I can just be DONE. Well, until the next cycle of craziness starts.

I have been slowly introducing all my normal foods back in after the cleanse, and none are bad. I haven't done any super high fat stuff, but anything else - fine. And the frustrating thing is that I was consuming about 1000 calories a day on the cleanse, and am now eating about 1600, and over the past week, have gained about a pound back. I do still feel better eating well, but seem to be back to that place where I have to accept that I need to eat well to feel better, and not worry about the weight loss. Thanks to my messed up metabolism from when I was a kid, this is where I am. I need to either eat 1000 calories a day (which is nothing) or accept where I am. Be healthy at my size.

So, I'm going to work at that. I do plan on quiting my gym and trying out a new, local Bikram yoga studio. I was going all the time before Cam was born, and I liked it a lot. I'm just not really a gym person. I'd rather swim or walk or do yoga. We'll see how it goes.

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