Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maggie, the blog and India

First up - Maggie had her 15 month check up yesterday. She is 30 inches tall and 22 lbs 11 ounces - so sticking between the 25% - 50% range. She checked out great (but still has the ear infections - but they are getting better). No shots, since she is on antibiotics (thank god - she hates the doc enough as it is). The doc was really happy with where she is - assured me that her teeth are fine, her talking is fine and she is just perfect.

Which come on - we knew that. For example - here is us (blurry iPhone picture) last night before bedtime - Cam insisted on having Maggie sit in HIS lap so HE could read her a story. Freaking cute kids.

Thanks for all the support you have all given in the past week. I've gotten to the point where if I have a question or stressed on something, I automatically think - ask the blog! And you gals always come through. I rarely think just how f'ed up my childhood was with the whole eating thing.... it's such an eye opener when I write it down!

The other very exciting thing is that I got an email from a guy that used to work for me - he is getting married and wants me to come. This is a man from a traditional Indian family - so it's an arranged marriage, in India. He is such a great guy - we had so much fun working together - and I used to tease him all the time that I would come if he ever got married. Well - he called me on it! I wasn't sure what Aaron would think - but he totally wants me to go. It's really a once in a lifetime chance - going to a 'real' Indian wedding. D also offered to show me around a bit while I am there... now just need to save the money for the rather pricey plane flight!


It is what it is said...

OMG, going to India! For a wedding! Fun!

Beth Bell Kyle, Providence Associate/SMWC '00 said...

your kiddos are adorable....India sounds awesome!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, India would be such a great experience! Go forth and blog, so we can live vicariously!

Amysue said...

Love India! You will have a fabulous time.

Zephra said...

Indian weddings are the best. The clothing and the food is amazing. You will have the best time.