Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

I don't whine about the snow much. I live in New England, and I expect it. The day after Christmas, we got 18 inches. A week later, another 12, two more storms in January for I think a total of 34 inches. In the middle of that, our snow blower engine blew, so we had to shovel (pooooor us - and it wasn't hat much shoveling, our neighbors plowed and let us use their blowers, which was very nice)... and now I'm sitting, working from home, looking down the barrel of another 15-20 inch snowstorm. At least the snow blower came home on Sunday.

I don't know about your kids, but Cameron, who is 26 months old, is NOT a fan of sledding... but he does like to shovel. Maggie just gets too cold. So it isn't super fun yet to have all this snow, because the kids don't even really want to go out in it. So, I'm working from home, and praying that daycare doesn't close - because working from home with 2 toddlers is almost impossible!

This past weekend ended up being really great. I made a last minute decision to buy tickets for Sesame Street Live - I was worried that Cam was too young - but I found tickets for $8 so figured worst case, we'd waste $24. One of my girlfriends agreed to watch Maggie - and off we went! Cam was very funny in the car - Mama? Where Maggie is? And I explained that he was having a morning with Mom and Dad all to himself - and he thought that was pretty great! The first bit of the show was a little scary for him - so he sat in Aaron's lap.

And I cried. Sigh. I'm pretty far removed from all that pain that we went through to get pregnant with Cam. And now, my tubes are tied and we are offically DONE with baby making. Every once in a while it hits me that for 4 years, we weren't even sure we would have kids, and now I'm blessed with these two wonderful, happy, healthy bubbly children. I was sitting and watching my little man's mind be BLOWN by seeing Elmo FOR REAL. So I had a little cry. I just had a moment, you know?

By the end of the show he was standing on his seat, clapping and dancing along with Elmo - it was awesome.

Little Maggie has figured out how to slide down the stairs on her belly, and is SO proud of herself when she does it. She also started officially full time in the toddler room in daycare - which she is loving (and we are loving because it's less $$$ than the infant room). But, poor little girl was home with me on Friday, because she had an ear infection. She was so tired, she feel asleep at 11 and didn't wake up until 3:15 - which enabled me to actually work from home...


Deborah said...

I've always had the same attitude toward snow - it's New England, get used to it! But I can't even see my fence or some of my bushes anymore, and this is enough! Luckily, my son is usually willing to play inside while I shovel outside.

Just me said...

The whole country is crazy weather right now! Isn't it April yet???

I've named you for a blog award- check out my blog. :)