Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poooor Maggie

So - thanks to Ask Moxie, I'm feeling a little better, but need to whine a little about Princess Margaret. She is being IMPOSSIBLE. From morning to night all she does is screech. MAMA! DADA! She doesn't talk yet - but she seems like she WANTS to. She does the 'more' sign over and over, but when I try to hand her more - she gets mad. I think she is right on the cusp of some big developmental thing (I assuming talking) because anything we try to get her to do she just fights it.

Which is super fun.

Last night, we get the kids home from daycare, and Aaron is outside with Cam (I hep Daddy SHOVEL). Maggie is upstairs with me walking around the kitchen while I make dinner. She is screeching, so I hand her milk. She tosses it on the floor. I make Cameron chocolate milk, and she is staring up at me making the 'more' sign, so I add chocolate to her milk. She takes a sip and tosses it. And screeches. So I give her a handful of Kix, and continue cooking, and she eats one handful, and then does the more sign. I give her more in a bowl. She flips the bowl over and screeches. So I give her dinner. At this point Cam comes upstairs and sits at the table for his dinner, and I give Maggie hers. She screeches and runs away. So Aaron straps her into the chair - she was SO mad. Then I tried to give her just some yogurt for dinner (because she was having NONE of the 'real' dinner I made) she put both hands in it and started rubbing it all over the table. Sigh.

Cameron on the other hand, woke up this morning and said "I'm a funny guy, Mumma." Yep, you are big guy.


serenity said...

O is totally a shoveler, too. Doesn't care much for snow any other way.

But then again, he LOVES to do dishes, and help us vacuum, and make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, etc etc. Basically if we have him either do it himself, or have him "help us" he's a willing kiddo. I love it.

I'll bet you Maggie's frustration is over talking. Poor kiddo (and poor parents, too).


HereWeGoAJen said...

I hope her developments break through really soon so that you can all leave the frustrations behind!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an Ergo baby carrier? That way you could wear her on your back and meet her needs while taking care of other things, like making dinner. Perhaps she is lactose intolerant, and did not want the milk or yogurt because her stomach hurts.

Kahla said...

*sigh* I feel your pain. Princess Emery (does everyone refer to their little girls as princesses?) is in the exact same stage. Driving me insane!

Melanie said...

We are in the same stage are our house. Even with signs and some words, we have screeching, cup throwing, and shoveling food off the table. I hope it passes soon. It is driving me batty. I don't remember such attitude from my son at this age.

Jen said...

I feel for you! At my house Jillian is Miss Whiny Pants these days and Hayden is little Miss Clingy. I love 'em but it sure is exhausting.

Jill said...

Rowan was like that for a bit just before she learned to talk. It was hard but it didn't last long. I think it is just so hard for them because they want to tell you what they need/want but they cant. That's gotta be frustrating. Once she started talking, she was so happy and content (and easy too - there were really no "Terrible Twos" for us. I hope it passes quickly - for her sake and yours.