Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sick babies and new babies

Maggie was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Sunday. I got her the antibiotics and sent her to daycare on Monday because she seemed fine. I went to school at lunch time to give her the meds and she had a fine day. Tuesday, I wake up and my dog, Abby, had a weird thing going on with her ear - she had a big pocket of fluid. So, at lunch, instead of going to school to give Maggie more meds, I took the dog to the vet (dog is fine BTW).

They called me after naptime and said that she had a fever of 102. I called the doc and they said the meds needs at least 48 hours to work, if not 72. So I went to pick her up, and she was SO sad. Cam of course had to come home too, so I loaded them in the car and took everyone home. It was only 3 PM , so I promised Cam popcorn and a movie while I finished my workday and got Maggie settled. I pulled Maggie out of her carseat and she threw up all over me. Sigh. Cam was such a trooper - we all walked upstairs and he watched TV in MAMA'S BED! While I de-vomited myself and the baby. Aaron got home, and we called the doc (apparently she is just extra sick - good times. And a friend of mine said that her son always threw up when he got an ear infection). Then she ate more, and threw up again. And then we gave her another bath, and more throw up.

I was awake all night worrying about her - but she has gotten a little bit better each day. Yesterday still had a fever, but no more throwing up. Still has a fever today, but it's less.

In other news, Aaron's cousin and his wife had their baby girl last night - and I have to admit to you, I just don't deal well with pregnant people or newborns - or the idea of newborns. I see a pregnant person, and I can't even talk to them. I wasn't even like that when I was going through IF. When I heard D was in labor, I cried. I have other friends that get all excited about new babies - saying it reminds them of when their kids were born... for me, it reminds me of that same time period but not in a good way. So I'm trying not to freak out and worry about this new little girl. She sure looks perfect, and D had a great birth - went into labor at 2 and little Z was here by 7! I'm a bit jealous on that count.

OK - now to try and get the sick princess to nap.


Sara said...

That my dear is the PTSD part of your experience - I have the same thing sort of, only mine is about women being pregnant especially as they approach the way too early point at which I delivered. I find it a very stressful time - my friends are all excited about the pregnancy, and I'm just wacked and scared about it.

Sorry Maggie's so sick - sounds like she's on the mend though.

Michele said...

hugs honey... on both fronts