Friday, February 18, 2011

My own health

With all that has gone on in the past 3 years, something that has certainly taken a backseat to everything is my own personal health. I've packed on weight, been struggling with the GI issues, sporadically been exercising... and I was OK with it. I knew it was an issue, but I just didn't have the mental space to deal with it. A therapist I used to see said that your life is a pie. The size of that pie never changes, but the way you slice it does. For the past 3 years (and more!) that pie was taken up with family issues, baby making, working full time. A very small piece was taken up with my own health, but I promised myself once I gave birth to the twins, I would regain control over my body.

And then Nora died and I gave myself a pass to do whatever it took to get me through the day. Eat brownies, sit on the couch.... anything I wanted. I've NEVER lived like that. I'm a lifetime dieter (or at least 'aware of what I'm eating' and exercise is a daily thing. I've done an Ironman triathlon, for Christ's sake!) There were days when Maggie was in the worst shape with her acid reflux (sleeping for 45 minutes, crying for an hour and a half, repeat for WEEKS) that I could barely think straight - no matter eat well. I've toyed with the idea of starting a diet - one of my girlfriends just recently had a lot of success on weight watchers - but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did find out I had a B12 defiancy - and taking supplements helps that... but I just haven't been feeling right.

I don't know what happening, but in the past 6 weeks things have started turning around. I'm finally sleeping well. Deeply. I wake up refreshed. I just feel GOOD. And I'm able to take stock and admit that I'm trashing my body. I'm overweight and out of shape. And still having loads of GI 'issues' that I'm not going to go into here. My doc, who I've had for over 10 years, is leaving the practice and moving out of state. We've been going back on forth on my GI issues, and she pinged me the other day and suggested I try anti-depressants. That it's helped others with IBS (which I'm not even sure I have).

And I said no. I don't think I want to go that route. And then she mentioned that a few of her patients have had success with a cleanse. She told me about this book, and I'm going to give it a whirl. This isn't something I could have even entertained 6 months ago - but now I feel ready. I feel like this will not only kick start me getting healthier, but after reading the book, help me figure out which foods effect my stomach.

Next Monday I'm going to start the elimination diet - which has you cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar - so you don't freak out your system completely when you start the cleanse. It's going to be interesting! And Aaron is being a sweetheart and is all for it.


serenity said...

I've heard about the book, too. I'd be really interested in hearing about your experiment with it and hope it works!

And I'm still amazed that you've done an Ironman. I've been debating a marathon and can't imagine having a nearly two and a half mile swim and century ride tacked on BEFORE YOU EVEN START THE MARATHON.


You go girl - you can do it.


Carrie27 said...

No caffeine, I just couldn't do it. I get intense migraines, and most times it's from lack of any caffeine in my body, stress, etc, etc.

Woman, I would have eaten batches of brownies, icecream, you name it with all that has been dealt to you simply getting through the day was enough.

Heather said...

I've done the day to day thing. I think there was a day where I started with coffee, had leftover Christmas cookies in the very long middle, and then finally (or so it felt) went to a glass or two of wine. Sometimes you just gotta do what feels right at the time.

And then, sometimes you gotta step it up and take care of yourself. Maybe sign up for a 5k? Having a date on the calendar to prepare for can make a big difference in motivation. At least that works for me.

Good luck. I think the good sleep you've been getting is a VERY good thing.

Melanie said...

Good sleep does a body wonders. A lot of our heath hinges on our sleep patterns. Of coures, our nutrition and exercise patterns dictate our sleep patterns. It is all one big circle in the spectrum of wellness. I hope the cleanse helps you out.

An Ironman, really? How cool is that. You inspire me!