Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

This is just the best post idea...I always have a bunch of random crap that I can't fit into a post in any coherent fashion. Visit Danifred for other Leftovers.

Here we go!

  • Cam is so very, very excited about the Easter Bunny. Let's hope we pull it off. Aaron will actually wear an Easter Bunny costume and place eggs around the house. Last year, we had Aaron place ALL the eggs, and it took too long and Aaron almost passed out (it's HOT in that costume). Plus, the Easter Bunny can't bend over to put down the eggs - it is a risk that the head will fall off. And wouldn't that be a vision?! Poor Aaron was doing lunges all around the yard. So this time, we'll do the majority of the eggs before the kids get up.

  • It's like 120 eggs for 4 kids. Too many? I don't think so, but the other parents disagree. Aaron thinks we are going to be finding eggs for months.

  • I got a 3 wheeled scooter for Cam from a neighbor that is moving. It's pink. He loves it with a white hot passion.

  • He wanted to bring it to daycare. I said no. I think we can all guess how that went.

  • We live in a somewhat rural town. I've made friends with a local sheep farmer, and we are going on Saturday to feed the lambs!

  • Last night, Cam was quietly playing. And he came up to me and asked for his 'mat'. He meant the mat that I made him for Christmas, and he hasn't played with in weeks. My heart melted when he remember and asked for it!

  • Every morning, Maggie wakes up around 6:30. The rule in this house is that I don't take kids out of bed until 7. She is so cute - I hear her over the monitor talking to herself. Mama! Dada! *giggle*

  • I've learned that one of my friends, who lives on the same street as me, works from home on the same days I do. It may have been better to have not learned this. We are going out to lunch today. Indian Buffet!

  • This is a sad admission - but do any of you guys have iPhones or iPads? Because if you do, you should totally play the Smurf Game with me. I'm totally addicted. Seriously, let me know and we can be friends on game center.

That's it for today. Happy weekend!


BigP's Heather said...

I have an Ipod - will that work? I just got it, so I don't know what all it does...

HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth used to sing "Mama, Dada, Dibits" to herself in her crib. It was the cutest thing.

Megan said...

Weston goes through his words before he goes to bed, featuring Mama DiDa and is singing when he wakes up. :-)

Carrie27 said...

There is no more singing in bed for my three, now it is screaming "MOMMMMYYYYYY DADDDDDYYYYY!!!!"

April said...

Wow that is seriously a LOT of eggs. But I bet the four kids will have a BLAST!! LOL

The Captain's Wife said...

From fnlo

When I was little my parents used to hide eggs all over the house (we live in new england and it is still pretty chilly here this tme of year). Weeks after easter we would begin to smell this horrible scent and it would take days to track it down.....left over rotting eggs! After a few years they finally figured out that as one hid them, the other walked around and wrote down the locations. Genious!

admin said...

Love the scooter!

Sarah said...

That is a lot of eggs! The kiddos will have a great time :-)

How cool to go feed the lambs!

Danifred said...

My Bean has recently started humming to herself as she falls asleep. I just love it!
I don't think you are hiding too many eggs at all- it will be fun, no matter how long it takes them to find them ;)