Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thank god for Friday Night Leftovers, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to blog about this crazy disconnected week:

  • I have a cold with a really sore throat. Whine

  • Maggie woke up at 1 AM Monday night crying, which then woke up Cam, and by the time everyone was finally settled down, Aaron got a call for work. I slept from 11 - 1 and that was it.

  • Turns out the reason Maggie woke up crying was that she had a double ear infection. So she couldn't go to school on Weds thanks to her fever Tuesday (you need to be fever free for 24 hours)

  • I usually try to work from home with a sick baby, but decided 'what the heck' and we hung out together and did loads of fun things like go the park and go out for ice cream. It was a treat - a Maggie and Mommy day.

  • Thursday I took Cam into Boston to see the new touch tank at the aquarium. He did NOT love the touch tank - but loved everything else about the day. He is growing up SO fast - it was a blast watching him interact with people at the aquarium.

  • I watched the Royal Wedding. Princess Kate is beautiful!

  • I'm planning a block party for our street - think asking people to pay $30 per family and $15 a couple is too much - considering we are planning on providing hamburgers and hot dogs, a bounce house and carnival games with prizes? There are 42 houses on the block, we are thinking 50% will come.

  • Today, after work, Suzanne and I are taking the kids for our weekend up at the beach in Maine. This is our third year going, and I finally think I have things totally under control.

  • Aaron is staying home and working on the mud pit that is our back yard.

  • I've packed the following - whole bag of extra clothes (4 dry outfits per kid + socks and shoes), a special bag just for what we'll need when we get there to get the kids to bed (we won't be arriving until 8 or 9 PM), the kite and the bag of beach toys. I do need to stop to get sunscreen. I'm currently stressing out about the findings on sunscreen so will just buy the normal stuff until I can figure out what the heck to get.

I think that's it! Happy Weekend! And visit Danifred!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I would go to your block party.

I hope you feel better soon!

Mrs. Z said...

Popping over from FNL...We used the California Baby sunscreen last summer, it gets a good rating from that link. It is pricey though. I may switch to Neutrogena this summer.

And I would definitely pay $30 for the block party!

Carrie27 said...

Hmmm...I think it would be costly for a block party. I have never been to one, I thought people all just hung out. Haha. Have a great beach trip - I'm jealous.

Danifred said...

I think the cost of your block party sounds totally reasonable.
I hope your weekend is going wonderfully and everyone is on the mend soon!