Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad mood.

I'm in a supremly bad mood right now. And I can't shake myself out of it. I think some of it is the stressful past couple of weeks I've had. Also having both Cameron AND Aaron be sick at the same time....that has been fun. And I feel like I'm not sleeping either (aided by Aaron's awesome snoring, which is bad enough when he isn't sick). And the weather! AUGH. When is spring coming?!?!

I did take Friday off work and started a very beautiful quilt. It's a long term sort thing - it's nice to have projects like that that. Saturday we laid low, and that evening was my church's service auction. I auctioned off a handmade baby sweater - and was happy that it sold for $50. I, in turn, bought the kid's birthday party! The Religous Education team offered up their services to host a party for up to 20 kids, including activites and a cake! Plus - you can have it in the Fellowship Hall (not have the party in the house is KEY). I got all this for $100. I'll have to sell it to my friends and play down the whole 'it's at the church' part - because one of my girlfriends asked if one of the activities would be 'Pin the Thorn Crown on Jesus' (which just had me laughing out loud - it's a UU church - so nothing of the sort!).

Sunday I finally got around to trying out some freezer paper stencils on the cheap tee shirts I bought. What a success! I copied some fun designs off the internet (not taking credit for the cool images).

I have one more Robot shirt that isn't done yet - we were using fabric paint that a friend gave us, so ran out of colors.

I only made these for Cam. Maggie will have no clothing shortages this summer! But she may need a monster shirt of her own.


Carrie27 said...

The only way I can sleep when hubby is snoring is if I fall asleep and stay asleep before he dozes off. HAHA!

I love those shirts!

It Is What It Is said...

Sorry about the bad mood and hope it lifts soon.

You must share the process for those t-shirts. Brilliant and way cool

HereWeGoAJen said...

Those shirts are adorable.

When Matt or I is sick, one of us (usually me) sleeps in the guest room. Totally worth it.

I would totally pay $100 for that party, totally worth it.

Tara said...

Sometimes once you get in that funk it's really hard to shake yourself out of it. I totally can relate. That's great that you took a day off work to do something creative and enjoyable. What a great way to try to combat the grouchies.