Monday, April 11, 2011

Visit to Grandma's

Aaron is off visiting his friends this weekend as a little birthday present to himself. I figured that I would take the trip up to the Berkshires and spend the night at the cabin with my mom. Cam's new favorite word is 'Adventure' and he was VERY excited about the weekend's adventure! We loaded up into the car, and met my mother at the Berkshire Museum. It was maybe a little old for my kids (lots of no touch stuff) but it was fun.

Then we went to the only real restaurant in the area, which also doubles as a biker bar - so it's pretty funny. Cam loved watching all the motorcycles come in, and I love going to place where no one cares that your kids are running around. But not the fastest service, so we end up getting to the cabin right at bedtime.

With over-sugared very tired children. (Cameron's food for the day. An egg, chocolate milk, doritos, french fries, half a donut and a cheese pizza. Maggie? An egg, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate milk, the other half of the donut, 'fruit' treats, and pizza. It was grandma's! It's ok! Right?)

Cam got out of the car, running to follow GRANDMA! and came face to face with her dog. And it was surprised, so barked at him. Cam freaked out, which freaked out Maggie and everyone was crying. And continued to cry for about an hour. It was awesome.

The good news is that even though he was crying, he was super excited to sleep in his tent.A friend let us borrow this, and what a hit. But here is where the story gets so bad, it's funny. First. In the morning, I hear some rustling in the guest room where everyone was so great (once they fell asleep, after about an hour of hysterics) and slept all night without a peep. I went to open the door, and it was locked. And Cam is giggling on the other side, telling me he 'fixed' it. I asked what Maggie was doing, and Cam tells me she is AWAKE! And I here Maggie say - "HI MAMA!". Everyone is laughing, which is good, I guess, as mom and I ended up removing the doorknob.

Cam was very pleased with himself. And I pick up Maggie - and one eye is all swollen. And I'm like.... really!? So a call a friend who is also a pedi, and she is worried that maybe it's peri-orbital cellulitis. Freaking out a small bit (and thankful that my cell phone now works at the cabin!), I call my doc, and do mention that the medicine that I have for her pink eye, I was supposed to give 3 times a day the last 2 days only gave it to her twice a day (because I'm a bad mother - see more proof above with what I fed them the day before). So they told me to give her the drops AS DIRECTED and watch it for the next 2 hours, and if it got worse, call back.

Now Cam wants to go throw ROCKS! in the BROOK! And of course Maggie wants to come too. We take the small walk down the hill from the cabin to the brook and collect rocks. I have to insert here that throwing rocks into this brook was a FAVORITE past time of mine as a small kid. It makes my heart sing a little that Cam loves it too. Anyway. We are all playing and having fun, and Maggie is SUPER excited about the brook.

She gets closer and closer - and then steps IN. It's freaking cold. And she thinks its funny for a few seconds and then flips out.

Quick summary of the weekend. Children scared of big dog and cry themselves to sleep. Lock themselves in bedroom and I have to remove the doorknob. Maggie has a swollen eye. Maggie falls into an icy brook.

Anyway, we do make it home in one piece, and everyone had a blast. And Maggie's eye isn't swollen now that I'm giving her the eye drops as directed. But one thing that is very exciting to me is that the sleeping arrangements were great. So now I have a lot less dread for future trips! Hurrah!


Carrie27 said...

It is never uneventful with children.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That is quite a weekend. I'm glad you are all in one piece. :)

admin said...

I love that he was giggling behind the locked door. I had something similar happen before, but will save the story for one of our road trips. Is there room for two in the tent? And BTW you're crazy! You're an awesmoe mom. Look how level headed you were with each thing thrown at you.