Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Wow. This week was a quick one.

  • My bike is in! I'm super excited to pick it up tomorrow. I have visions of riding everywhere around town.
  • I've decided to name her (the bike) Mabel. I even got a matching helmet.
  • Help. I'm becoming a freak about the bike thing.
  • Cam has been having issues making it to the potty in time after nap at school. So I told him for every day he doesn't have an accident, he would get a dinosaur. I got these pretty big (like 6 inches tall) plastic dinos from Micheal's dollar aisle. I got about 8. Every day since I started this, no issues. So now I'm trying to wean him off with tiny dinosaurs (they come in a tube). He got the first one of those after school yesterday, and he wouldn't let the damn thing go. He slept with it, woke up with it this morning, and it was in his pocket when we got to school.
  • Remember how awful Maggie was a few weeks ago? That is totally over. And she is all of a sudden grown out of all her clothes. Is this the way things always go? You deal with 'crazy baby' for a while before a growth spurt? I thought that was just for little babies. 
  • Cam heard Aaron and I talking about the Avenger movie, and he wanted to see it. We explained that it was a movie for grown ups. But I found the series Iron Man: Armored Adventures. He freaking loves it. It's a pretty big change from Micky Mouse Clubhouse!
  • We have a nice low key weekend planned. With lots of bike riding. 

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