Thursday, May 17, 2012

I never learn

I've been riding my new bike every day since I got it. I love it. I feel better, I sleep better.... I'm sure if I went through my archives I would see a bunch of posts just like this. Every time I get back into exercising, I feel better. Every. Single. Time.

But every time, I end up stopping. And I ever know exactly WHY. Besides the fact that it's a big effort to find the time to work out between wanting to spend time with the kids and working full time... I used to be hard core. I swim the mile in college, I did an Ironman triathlon in 2003. When I work out, it was always for a purpose. And I just don't have the time (or desire) to do racing anymore. I just want to be healthy and enjoy doing stuff outside with my kids. And to me, that isn't true exercise as I define it.

Well. Time for that to change. A 7 miles bike ride? It's a hell of a lot more than a ZERO mile bike ride! Last night, we rode our bikes to daycare and picked up the kids. They were SO excited! And that is my inspiration. Having fun with the gang. With the side benefit of feeling better (both mentally and physically).