Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • This has been a great week. Nothing mind blowing, just a great week.
  • Aaron ordered me an iPad. I'm tracking it across the world - and I have to admit I'm pretty excited. Ever since the iPad came out (Aaron got one the second they were released), I kept saying I didn't need one, we could use the money on other things.... but Aaron said that at some point, I deserve things I WANT and don't NEED. And now I don't WANT to wait until it's expected delivery date of June 6th.
  • Have I mentioned I love this guy?
  • I got a partial foil on Wednesday, and now my hair is bright blond and that makes me happy
  • Maggie came with me and got her first 'haircut' (it was barely a trim) and she was NOT a fan. Of course, afterwards she ran around telling everyone that she got a haircut and proudly showing it off, but whatever. Toddlers are weird.
  • We are still having a blast riding our bikes around. Any day the weather is decent, we ride and pick the kids up from daycare (which they both LOVE) and I've been taken my bike to work and going for a ride down the local bike path at lunch. So nice.
  • This year is our local ice cream stand's 75 anniversary. They are celebrating by having local bands come and play. Last night was the local 'music man' Mister Vic. So, we went after dinner, had and ice cream and enjoyed the fun. I love summer.
  • We don't have big plans for the long weekend - but I have been working on fairy houses. We have a small strip of woods between our house and the neighbors, and we are putting in a little path - as the kids are always running through the woods to say hi, and end up tripping on a rock or stick or whatever. When Aaron and I were out looking for the path placement, I realized that it would be the perfect place to do some little fairy houses.... and then I got obsessed and starting looking around the Internet and Pinterest. Now I have this whole vision of a shade garden with little fairy houses and tiny fairy swings and benches. 
  • I'm sure I'm more excited than the kids are. I've wanted a 'secret garden' for a while, so as I've been seeing the fun ideas for fairy gardens, it's making me think that this will be a perfect combo. Fun place for the kids, and a little (not so) secret garden for mommy.
  • This may be lame, but I'm super excited that So You Think You Can Dance has started up again.

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