Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being a grownup

I was swimming yesterday, doing my thing, pretty happy to be swimming outside and feeling good. The high schoolers were waiting for their turn at the pool, and I started thinking back to when I was a teen. I really was controlled. Some of it was my mother's rules and some of it was based on available funds (which wasn't a lot). And I realized, I love being a 'grownup'. I decide what I want to do. I decide what we will spend our money on and what I do for exercise and what books I read and how much TV I watch and what I eat and how much I sleep... the list obviously goes on.

Sure, being a grown up comes with hard things, jobs and responsiblity and grief and bills. But again, YOU are in charge of that. You really can't say that your mom didn't wake you up for work or expect your dad to pay your bills (although I know that some do). But, personally, I own my choices. I own my responsibilities. And I love my life.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I totally agree. Though sometimes I still feel like "wait, who put ME in charge?"