Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Night leftovers

  • Maggie is super excited about being a big girl in underpants. I guess there is no going back now! She had no accidents yesterday - which doesn't surprise me. Once this girl decides to do something, it's done.
  • I decided to look back and see when it was that I sent Cam to school in underpants for the first time. It was July 20th. Yesterday was July 19th. That cracks me up.
  • I'm picking up a 2-wheeler (purple, princesses with training wheels) for Maggie tonight. She knows how to pedal a bike, but also knows that the Kettler tricycle we have can be pushed by a grownup. So we are bagging that and getting her a 'real' bike. I'm sick of her sitting in the driveway and saying 'Push! PUSH!!'. I say Pedal! PEDAL!
  • I am going to a groupon funded spa afternoon today. I'm getting a mani/pedi at one place, and then a massage. Happy sigh.
  • This morning I made the MOST DELICIOUS muffins. It's zucchini season at the CSA, so I have started finding interesting ways to use zucchinis (besides your normal cook them and eat them as a veggie). Make these muffins now. They are amazing. This assumes you like blueberries. Which I couldn't understand why you wouldn't.
  • My shoulders have been sore for about a week. Which I couldn't figure out - because I wasn't sore from swimming when I first started.... so I blamed it on holding a little six day old baby last weekend (side note - babies are now a risk. I'm far enough away from having a newborn that have forgotten the whole birthing process and the crying and lack of sleep and I think that they are cute and sweet and I want one. Then I remember the whole 'chance of a dead baby thing' and I remember that I'd end up in a loony bin if I did, in fact, get pregnant.) I saw that sweet baby, picked her up, and held her for three hours. If my shoulders were sore from that, it was worth it. She was delicious.
  • But then, last night, we took the kids to the lake. This is the first time that Aaron has come since they both got into jumping off the dock. And Aaron mentioned that HIS arms were sore when we went to bed - and said - Man! Is it lame that I'm sore from catching the kids when they jumped off the dock? HA! Mystery solved!
  • I'm loving it that the kids are loving the beach. We have a blast when we go.
  • No big plans for this weekend, except a pool party tomorrow for a friends birthday.
Happy Weekend!


Deborah said...

THANK YOU - just last night, I was wondering what to do with the mammoth zucchinis from my CSA! I will definitely make muffins or zucchini bread. Even better, both are freezable, so if I keep getting inundated, I'm all set. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I do not like blueberries because they pop in your mouth like a spider pops when you squish it with a tissue. That shouldn't apply to muffins, but it does.

I love that Cam and Maggie are so in tune for potty training!