Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poopie and underpants.

Potty mouth is at our house hard core. I tried to ignore it at first. Cam would do silly things like go down the slide and yell POOP! When we were on vacation, we were at the playground and my friend heard Cam yell POOP and she said - 'Cam you shouldn't use potty words'. Well, Maggie, being the charming little girl that she is, heard her say that and then proceeded to say pooppooppooppoop like a freaking mantra.

That was two weeks ago. We continued to try and ignore it. Everyone once in a while, I would say  that potty words were just for when we were in the potty, and try to leave it at that. Well, Maggie then took it to the next level, and basically sits and plays with her toys saying "What?! Poop!?" (whatever the heck that is about) And then Cam comes and reports to me that Maggie is using potty words.... and we finally snapped. I heard Aaron roar from the tub last night MAGGIE! NO MORE POTTY WORDS! And took her out of the bubble bath (which is a treat in our house). Many tears ensued.

This morning, I promised donuts to the kids if we all got dressed quickly. Everyone was super excited about it. We all were getting dressed in my room. And I put on some hot pink underpants. Which Maggie noticed. And then a huge conversation about underpants began (very exciting that Mommy has hot pink ones, Cam showed her his that have super heroes on them), and the final result is that Maggie insisted on wearing underpants to school today. Which is my idea of potty training - wait until the kid asks. I don't do many rewards or sticker charts or whatever... I just give a big high five when they use the potty, maybe a sticker or a tattoo for using the potty. But it's their project, not mine. When I pulled out underpants for her, she was VERY excited to put them on (princess ones, of course). So, this should be interesting.

Anyway, after she got dressed, she was sitting brushing her hair, and I tuned into what she was singing. Poopypoopypoopy... so I said Maggie! One more time with the potty words, and NO DONUT. She looked me square in the eyes and slowly said Poop. Ie.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. I told her no donuts, and she burst into tears. When we pulled into the donut store, before I could say a word, she said "I stay here. I used potty words." The force is strong with this one.


BrandiH said...

My Lillian does the same thing! Like she thinks I'm bluffing.

Deborah said...

Wow. That's very mature for a 2.5 year old! I guess she knows you mean business. I hope it helps the potty words stop, too.

This morning when I dropped J off at preschool, one of the kids said to the teacher, "I think so-and-so needs to go poop." And the girl next to him immediately yelled, "Miss C! S is using potty words!!" The teacher and I both cracked up. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Haaaa! The force is strong with this one indeed.