Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Take Away

So the one thing I didn't mention in yesterday's post was the fact that Aaron headed back home on the 4th of July. He needed to get back to work. When he got into the office, he found out that a work colleague lost his son in a tragic accident. His son was 25 year old. Can I just say - Aaron works for a company of 40 people. What are the odds that two families in the same company lose a child in less than 3 years? Low, I'm sure.

The memorial service was Monday, and we went. We have learned just how much it means to show up when something tragic happens. All we had to offer was a big hug, and yes, there was a huge turn out. Maybe he wouldn't have noticed that we were there. And it's easy to say 'I should have gone' but to not actually go. Because the sadness is overwhelming. Thinking of losing a 25 year old child - it it just devastating. And for us it hits way to close to home. The whole day was emotionally exhausting.

I'm glad we went.

If you learn anything from reading my blog, I hope its that people need support. Be there when something bad happens. Give a hug. Bring a fruit salad. Walk their dog. Sure, it may be awkward. You may feel uncomfortable. But never underestimate the help that you are giving.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I so totally agree with this.

Erin said...

I definitely get it. Thank you for the reminder.